The Carcass stands

Since 4 months our hotel project in the south of Kyrgyzstan is in progress. After the foundation of the wall was completed, the workers from Sarytash expertly built a roof in the local style. The windows followed and then the entire floor was finished. The work was really good, even if we still had to make some corrections. Damian went to Kyrgyzstan for a week in mid-September to check all the work and to discuss important issues with Shamurat. Among other things, we had to make some corrections regarding the electricity as well as some other minor adjustments. A big topic is the discussion of the interior design. Damian and Shamurat will discuss the whole planning in Osh in a "Bauhaus" (a market you will find interior things) in the coming days. The budget planning was overall too low, we have higher costs than expected (not least because of the corrections). However, this was included in our planning. While Damian and Shamurat are doing a great job on site, I am thinking about the future of our company. How could it continue? We are looking forward to the coming challenges and perhaps a change of our home for some years... we will see.